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About Aspect

While many of Aspect's raiders have been raiding together since mid-Cataclysm, Aspect was formed as an actual guild on November 10th 2012. We are a semi-hardcore guild raiding no more than 3 days per week per group. We do expect, however, a certain level of skill in all of our raiders and weekly improvements are a neccesity. Showing up to raid on-time, prepared, and with research under your belt will always be required.

Aspect's Core Raid Team raids Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday from 10PM EST-1AM EST with a focus on Mythic progression in HFC
Alt Raid/Core 2 Team raids Wednesdays and Sundays from 10PM EST-1AM EST with a primary focus on Normal and Heroic HFC

Feel like Aspect would be a good place for you? Apply now to have your application reviewed.

First Boss Kill Videos-
Heroic Garrosh (pre 6.0)

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